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The Virtues of Salvaged Parts

Posted by GSC on 5/28/2022 to General
Countless gun parts end up as salvage each year and we want to remind our customers that there are many are diamonds in the rough amongst them. 

Buying a salvaged item can bring great value for those seeking to add less expensive spare parts to their firearms, those looking for items to harvest various subcomponents from, or those that may simply want cool conversation pieces. No matter how they are ultimately used by their owners, salvaged parts quickly reveal their hidden value to those that give them a chance.

At GSC we have learned that many parts deemed by others to be too damaged to have value still contain many great benefits, with the most obvious and tempting benefit being salvaged items' significantly lower cost when compared to non-salvaged items. It is true that some repairs may have to be performed with salvaged parts, especially if they are going to be restored for their original purpose, but that doesn't remove their potential to be a valuable addition to your personal collection. 

Since salvaged parts continue to deliver great value, we have offered damaged items for purchase throughout the ten years we've been in operation. We continue to be proud of these parts and hope you choose to experience their value too! 

Check out some of our fantastic salvaged items here.

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