Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are you a gun dealer?
No, Gatewood Supply Company is not a gun dealer and does not operate as one. Gatewood Supply Company only buys and sells parts and accessories for defense and firearms-related sporting and law enforcement activities.

Do I need an FFL to make purchases?
No, we do not sell any items which require an FFL (Federal Firearms License) or background check.

How do I sell spare parts to Gatewood Supply Company?
We are always eager to communicate to the people and organizations that are interested in selling their spare parts, so contact us at any time and we will promptly start working with you on an assessment of the items you want to sell.

Will you sell and ship items to people outside of the United States?
No, Gatewood Supply Company does not sell or ship items to individuals or organizations outside of the United States due to federal export restrictions.

Do you have a store front?
No, Gatewood Supply Company is strictly a shipping warehouse and has no store front.

What is the best way to check the status of my order?
The best way to check the status of your order is to log into your account via My Account on https://www.gatewoodsupplyco.com/. Once signed into your account, you will be able to see order status, order history, etc.

How do you handle order cancellations and returns?
If your order is cancelled for any reason, you must pay a 3.5% order cancellation fee. This fee simply allows us to recoup our payment processor costs incurred for each transaction. 

Products that are shipped as 100% new and are returned exactly as they were shipped may be returned for a full refund. Any new products that cannot be restocked as 100% new as they were shipped to you are considered used.

All returns will need to be returned in new condition to be eligible for return or exchange. You understand and agree that Gatewood does not accept returns of used products unless (1) the products are damaged in shipping or are defective upon arrival and (2) Gatewood is notified of such damage or defect within 5 business days of delivery to the address specified. 

Requests for return, exchanges or issues need to be made within 14 days of an order that has shipped. For safety reasons, no returns or exchanges on ammunition are permitted. Shipping charges or return shipping charges are not eligible for refund.

Is my information kept private?
Yes, all personal information provided to Gatewood Supply Company is kept private and is not provided to third parties.

How does your layaway service work?
Layaway is a popular way of financing large purchases that helps buyers by not having to pay for everything up front. Gatewood Supply Company provides a layaway purchase option to its customers for all items that cost $250.00 or more with the assistance of its layaway vendor Sezzle. Sezzle's service allows you to make 4 installment payments over the course of 6 weeks and they do not charge you any interest on these payments. For more details on how Sezzle works, please visit https://sezzle.com/ 

Could you describe how the benefits of the Customer Loyalty Rewards Program are provided?
Gatewood Supply Company's Customer Loyalty Rewards Program is designed to offer benefits to the customers who create and login to a user account when they complete their online purchases. More specifically, customers who login to their user account when they complete their transactions online earn reward points that can be redeemed for Gatewood Supply Company gift certificates.

Reward points are points granted to customers who (1) create user accounts and (2) log in to their accounts before their purchases are completed on the Gatewood Supply Company website. When a purchase is made by these customers, each dollar that is spent provides those customers with one extra reward point (e.g., $1 spent = 1 point gained in a transaction, so a $500 part purchased by a customer = 500 points gained to be redeemed for a gift certificate, etc.). After the points are redeemed for gift certificates, the gift certificates can be used for future purchases made on Gatewood Supply Company's website.

When a customer with a user account wants to track and utilize their points, they should: (1) go to the My Account page and login to their user account, (2) scroll down to the My Rewards section after logging in to see how many points they have accrued, and (3) click on the "Redeem" button to go to a page where the points that they have accrued may be used to acquire gift certificates (see the images below).



For more details on the Customer Loyalty Rewards Program, read the terms contained on the page linked here: 
Can you explain your approach to shipping and handling?
Unless special circumstances apply, Gatewood Supply Company uses a flat shipping rate of $9.99 per order and, at its discretion, may apply a single handling fee per order as well. The cost of the handling fee applied per order is determined by the total cost of the order before shipping is applied. For more information on the handling fee, read the terms contained on the page linked here: 

How do I unsubscribe from your company's mailing list and blog notifications?
To unsubscribe from the Gatewood Supply Company newsletter you can either type your email address into the "GSC Mailing List" box on our homepage, click the "Unsubscribe" radio button, and then click on the submission arrow, or you can simply contact us and ask to be unsubscribed. To unsubscribe from the Gatewood Supply Company blog notifications, you must contact us and ask to be unsubscribed.

Are there any restrictions on magazines?
There are some state and local laws and regulations restricting the capacity of magazines. For clarification on the laws and regulations pertaining to your area, you should contact your state Attorney General’s office or a qualified attorney.

What does "922r compliant" mean?
Title 18 Chapter 44 Section 922(r) of the United States Code restricts semiautomatic rifles and shotguns imported after September 1994 to no more than 10 imported parts from a list of 20 parts. Unfortunately, how to achieve compliance with this law for each firearm type is not always clear. We recommend visiting the following site and using their helpful 922r compliance parts count tool to acquire a better understanding of how you might ensure all of your guns requiring 922r compliance are legally constructed: http://thegunwiki.com/Gunwiki/LegalFederal922rParts   

I have seen "ALL NFA RULES APPLY" placed by several parts on your website. What does the NFA permit and prohibit?
The National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) defines a number of categories of regulated firearms. These weapons are collectively known as NFA firearms and include the following weapon types: machine guns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, suppressors, destructive devices. All of these items require federal registration despite being functionally different and have different types of specific restrictions applied to them by the United States government. 

For instance, the NFA imposed (1) a $200 excise tax (making tax) on the manufacture of machine guns (other than by qualified manufacturers that pay a special occupational tax and on the manufacture of machine guns by or on behalf of a state or federal agency) and (2) a $200 excise tax on each transfer of a machine gun (transfer tax). It also imposed a special occupational tax on people and entities engaged in the business of importing, manufacturing, and dealing machine guns. The NFA also required all machine guns not in the possession, or under the control, of the United States government to be registered with the Treasury, including those possessed by states and political subdivisions (e.g., police departments).

Ultimately, the parts sold by Gatewood Supply Company that could potentially come into conflict with the NFA if misused by our customers are marked with the clear warning of "ALL NFA RULES APPLY" to make all customers fully aware that they should recognize there are significant legal restrictions associated with the possession and use of those parts. More NFA information can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Firearms_Act