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Parts Photography Pointers

Posted by GSC on 4/11/2021 to General

One of the things GSC prides in is not relying on using stock images for the majority of its products. Because of the effort we put into trying to show our customers exactly what they might be buying from our website, we have learned a lot about the fundamentals of photography in general, including the relatively easy ways we can all make our favorite things that go bang really stand out in the pictures that we take. 

To share some great pointers on how to make your own gear look as good as it can in photos that you may take, we would like to share an excellent TFB TV video with you... 

US Army Survival Training - Part 3

Posted by GSC on 8/25/2020 to General

In the final part of our US Army survival training program series we learn how to locate food and stay nourished when times are tough...

US Army Survival Training - Part 2

Posted by GSC on 8/21/2020 to General

In the second part of our series focusing on the US Army's survival training program you'll learn more about the key elements of surviving in the wild with fieldcraft... and possibly the streets of Portland as well.
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