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Our Personal Favorites - CZ 75

Posted by GSC on 9/30/2023 to Insider Updates
CZ 75
At GSC we often find ourselves in discussions of what our personal favorite weapon systems are so we've decided to start a series where we reveal what our top firearm preferences are for our customers. To start, we would like to spotlight the CZ 75, one of the original "wonder nines" and arguably one of the most popular designs around the globe for several decades. We recommend you watch this quick video from Brownells to get a taste for this Czech beauty and discover more about what might become your next purchase...  

Sometimes Size Does Matter

Posted by GSC on 7/31/2023 to Humor
Perhaps if this was the pistol Hunter Biden had "lost" in a Delaware trash can more folks might be able to sympathize with why it ended up there...

Lessons Learned: MP5 Edition

Posted by GSC on 6/30/2023 to General

Recently we discovered an InRangeTV video that reminded us of the valuable fact that, even the most proven, beloved weapons platforms, such as the HK MP5, have failure points we usually don't take into consideration. Shamelessly, at GSC we believe this is why our customers should buy extra parts from us just to be sure they always have their personal kit running at peak performance. However, even for those who don't feel the need to buy extra backup parts for piece of mind, we still highly recommend everyone watch this SMG match video to see where the most unexpected things can go wrong...   

Recycling the Ukrainian Way

Posted by GSC on 5/31/2023 to Humor

Ukrainians take the recycling of old goods to the next level...
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