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HK Weapons System and Action-Packed 90s Promotions

Posted by GSC on 11/6/2021 to Parts Identification

Everyone has a film or tv show that they watch from time to time to see their weapons displayed in an impressive fashion. For HK fans, there are many options to choose from, but we highly recommend everyone mix things up and suggest watching something you may not have considered before: promotional videos. To show you why we consider such content to be so enjoyable, we have linked a classic 90s HK Weapons System video here for your viewing pleasure...     

Regulatory Updates: Substantial USPS Service Changes Begin Today - Delivery Slowdown and Price Increases Result

Posted by GSC on 10/1/2021 to General

Permanent supply chain changes at the Federal level going into effect today will impact you and our business substantially, so we want to spread the news to all of our customers so they can prepare...

Colt SP1: The Original Sporter Model in the AR-15 Family

Posted by GSC on 8/5/2021 to Parts Identification
Because we've started to collect and sell more vintage Colt products on our website, we've realized just how important it is to spotlight the unique features of a true classic, the Colt AR-15 Sporter Model SP1. This outstanding rifle represents Colt's first attempt to market a civilian version of the M16 to the American public in the 1960s. To comprehensively highlight the history of this excellent firearm, we have linked one of MAC's outstanding videos...  


Posted by GSC on 7/11/2021 to Parts Identification

As part of GSC's growing investment in vz. 58 parts, and our ongoing receipt of questions regarding the commonality of AK and vz. 58 components, we have decided to tap into the holy scriptures of Gun Jesus' excellent catalog of firearms videos and join the ranks of those who wish to raise more awareness to the glories of the vz. 58 and its idiosyncrasies... 
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