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Inspiring Businesses from the Past

Posted by GSC on 4/20/2024 to Humor

We all share Don's laugh when we rent a Desert Eagle...

Settled Terminology: "Assault Rifle"

Posted by GSC on 3/17/2024 to Parts Identification

Due to the evergreen problem of the corporate media, politicians, etc. looking for any excuse to disarm you via the spreading of misinformation and false claims to the masses, its up to you to educate individuals you encounter on firearms facts to set the record straight for the preservation of gun rights. One of the cornerstones of informing others properly comes in the sharing of knowledge of what an "assault rifle" actually is (hint: it has nothing to do with a "flash hider," "pistol grip," or "folding stock"). Watch this brief video to acquire a succinct official description of the term so that you can be best prepared to share it with others during the inevitable next feature-oriented firearms ban effort in your area...

Shout Out to PSA - Keep Up the Good Work

Posted by GSC on 2/25/2024 to Industry Updates
As long time fans of the Kalashnikov family of weapons, we would just like to give a quick, hearty "thank you" to the folks at PSA for their high-quality Spikers and help raise more awareness to their ongoing excellence with the production of AKs in the USA in general. We will let Ian do all the talking about the PSA Spiker now... 

The Word of the Year: Prepare

Posted by GSC on 2/4/2024 to General

Unless you've been living under a rock like Saddam Hussein in 2003, you recognize that the world is currently knee deep in countless major crises right now and there is a feeling of imminent catastrophe in the air. Since many of the sweeping changes that are transpiring are occurring outside of our personal control, all we can confidently advise for you to do is to PREPARE. 

Prepare your mind, body, and spirit. Establish reliable sources of food, water, and shelter. Train and build skills with trusted members of your community. Spend more time with your loved ones. And, after all of those things have been taken care of, feel free to stock up on spare parts from GSC because you never know when you'll need a backup of something you rely on to go boom.

For those who want more than spare parts as a means of preparation and are seeking thought-provoking guidance from others on how to be as resilient as possible in tough times, we highly recommend you follow the work of Dr. Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity...

Nerd Alert - AI and Improving Your Skills with Firearms: A New Paradigm for 2024 and Beyond

Posted by GSC on 1/20/2024 to Industry Updates
Now that 2024 has finally arrived we all certainly have many big events to keep our eyes on as the year progresses. However, we want to remind people that one of the biggest topics of 2023, the public deployment of AI for common use, shouldn't be forgotten as new developments trend rapidly in other aspects of society this year. Specifically, there are now studies revealing how AI and data analytics may be used by military forces to improve how individual shooters perform at the range. These advancements, like many emerging technologies adopted by militaries in the past, can certainly aid civilian shooters as well.    

If you have the stomach for a little scientific writing, the following link should be clicked so that you can read about how AI may be something you embrace in the near future to better identify gaps in your firearms-handling skills and enhance your training with your favorite boomstick:
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