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Top New Pistols Trending in 2023

Posted by GSC on 2/21/2023 to Industry Updates
SHOT Show 2023 saw some very interesting new firearms designs revealed to the public, so we want to make sure everyone has their eyes on the things that are likely to be the best investments if they chose to take the plunge with new platforms. TFBTV was at this big event and did an excellent job at covering the handguns you should be following now...

ATF and SBRs and Pistol Braces, Oh My!

Posted by GSC on 1/24/2023 to Industry Updates

As you have probably heard elsewhere by now, the ATF's final rule on pistol braces was announced to the public on January 13, 2023. That final rule essentially established that pistol braces will eventually be treated by the Federal government as devices that convert firearms into SBRs, thereby requiring registration of the items under the NFA for legal possession. We wish to avoid repeating the legal analysis on this significant milestone since so many other American firearms advocates have already provided their keen perspectives and, instead, we want to put a spotlight on the history of why SBRs are even regulated by the ATF in the first place. To illuminate you on the story behind that historical development, we would like to link you to one of Forgotten Weapons many excellent videos...

Legislative Alert - Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act (H.R. 127)

Posted by GSC on 2/16/2021 to Industry Updates

We all knew that sweeping anti-2nd Amendment legislation would be proposed after the outcome of the last Presidential election, but the sheer scale of H.R. 127 is still bewildering. We highly recommend people educate themselves on the potential impact of all Federal legislation, but to help bring extra visibility to possible major legislative changes that may be entering our lives in the not-too-distant future on a subject that personally impacts all of us greatly, we have compiled a few links on the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act for everyone who visits our site...

Vendor Spotlight - Michael's Machines

Posted by GSC on 11/6/2020 to Industry Updates

A manufacturer that custom-makes products which are as close to OEM HK guns, parts, and accessories as you'll ever find...

Vendor Spotlight - Beltfed Precision Products

Posted by GSC on 12/11/2019 to Industry Updates

For when you're ready to complete that beltfed build, look no further...
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