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Sometimes Size Does Matter

Posted by GSC on 7/31/2023 to Humor
Perhaps if this was the pistol Hunter Biden had "lost" in a Delaware trash can more folks might be able to sympathize with why it ended up there...

Recycling the Ukrainian Way

Posted by GSC on 5/31/2023 to Humor

Ukrainians take the recycling of old goods to the next level...

Nightmare Fuel - 2nd Amendment Edition

Posted by GSC on 4/30/2023 to Humor

Our current times are certainly tough, but sometimes in order to feel better about our present circumstance we have to remind ourselves that things can always get worse. So, if you truly want to count your present blessings by witnessing the worst of all things related to the Second Amendment, watch Brandon Herrera examine the most hilarious and nightmarish cursed gun images available online... 

Yes, the H&K VP70 Remains Nothing More than a Rare Equivalent to the Hi-Point C9

Posted by GSC on 3/31/2023 to Humor
With the recent highly successful release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake and that game's inclusion of the "Matilda," which is an H&K VP70, as an A tier weapon, we feel obligated to remind everyone that the VP70 is still trash, even if Capcom's programmers think otherwise. While we're very reluctant to judge a book by its cover, please take the Pepsi challenge with the two images in this blog post to see if you can truly detect a meaningful difference between the VP70 and Hi-Point C9. Just look at the thing. Really, just look at it... The VP70's existence proves that Heckler & Koch may be top tier firearms makers with an excllent, well-earned reputation, but they are fallible too. Substantial evidence of our position on this is excellently provided by the great people at InRangeTV... 

The Lighter Side of 3D Printing: 2nd Amendment Edition

Posted by GSC on 7/20/2022 to Humor

With all of the recent news of Federal and State politicians ignorantly attacking the right of Americans to 3d print their own gun parts, we thought we would take the time to highlight the lighter side of this important modern manufacturing practice. Granted, 3d printing of gun parts has certainly come a long way since the first fully functioning 3d printed gun was created in 2013, but there's still a lot of room for improvement. To highlight just how far we truly are from a turnkey manufacturing option at home, we suggest you watch the following video made by the gunsmith guru Brandon Herrera...   
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