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Food for Thought

Posted by GSC on 3/27/2021 to Humor
All of the recent talk in the news about the Federal government adding even more regulations on to the 2nd Amendment might make one pause and ponder the following...

Gallery of Awful Improvised Firearms - Part 2

Posted by GSC on 4/13/2020 to Humor

If you ever have to go into Bartertown you won't mind surrendering these piles of junk...

Gallery of Awful Improvised Firearms - Part 1

Posted by GSC on 3/21/2020 to Humor

To try to keep things light during these stressful COVID-19-influenced times, we would like to begin a series of blog posts where we highlight some of the most hilariously awful improvised weapons that we have seen floating around the Internet.

Hopefully we won't have to encounter any of these monstrosities in a post-apocalyptic environment any time soon!

Worst Violation of the NFA Ever Conceived

Posted by GSC on 2/28/2020 to Humor
When you've just given up on trying in life and are just begging for the BATF's attention...

Going from Beta to Alpha with Just One Spray

Posted by GSC on 9/28/2019 to Humor
Never forget to apply this to yourself before a night on the town...
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