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Vintage Training Videos - M-16 Edition

Posted by GSC on 6/21/2020 to Parts Identification
M-16 Poster

The Vintage Training Videos series has finally reached the ultimate 20th century service rifle...

Vintage Training Videos - M-14 Edition

Posted by GSC on 6/4/2020 to Parts Identification

To honor all of the great men and women who have dedicated a part of their lives to defending freedom for all Americans, the Vintage Training Videos series will now explore the M-14...

Vintage Training Videos - SKS Edition

Posted by GSC on 5/18/2020 to Parts Identification

In this continuation of our Vintage Training Videos series, the SKS is now in the spotlight...

Vintage Training Videos - AK-47 Edition

Posted by GSC on 5/9/2020 to Parts Identification
Polish AK Training Poster
Vintage training videos have two great benefits: 1) they hold enduring valuable insights on weapons systems encountered in the past and the present and 2) they're one of the last retro niches that hipsters haven't managed to ruin for everyone else interested in taking a brief trip back in time...

Demystifying HK Parts - OEM Versus Contract Manufacturing - A Case Study with Fixed Stocks

Posted by GSC on 2/17/2020 to Parts Identification
One question we often get at Gatewood Supply is "So what's the difference between this factory HK part and that contract part?" While every manufacturer and part is different, there are some trends that often hold true when comparing certain OEM and contract manfucatured part types, such as HK-style fixed stocks. To help our customers see how these differences might appear when they're shopping for a new part, we would like to compare and contrast how MP5A2 fixed stocks often look and feel when they're OEM versus contract manufactured...
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