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Leaked Image of the Most Innovative Accessory Coming to SHOT Show 2020

Posted by GSC on 8/19/2019 to Humor
This is a reminder of the fact that, for every impressive Magpul-level innovation revealed at SHOT Show each year, there are many more concepts put on display that end up looking like this...

Name That Marking – What Does “Restricted Law Enforcement / Government Use Only 10-94”

Posted by GSC on 8/18/2019 to Parts Identification
The 1990s was a decade of significant political change throughout the world. For the firearms enthusiast community in the United States, the biggest changes in policy making during this era arrived through the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. The "assault weapons ban" emerged in 1994 as one of the most significant legislative changes that had been implemented against American firearms since the mid-1980s and its impact was directly felt by consumers for a decade before the law was allowed to sunset in Congress.

One of the changes implemented immediately after the new federal law was enacted was a high-capacity magazine ban. Essentially, a restriction on the creation and circulation of new magazines that contained more than 10 rounds for American civilians went into effect. As a result, many companies began to add new markings on their magazines to make distinctions on which people, or what organizations, were supposed to be allowed to access them. HK was one of these companies and their approach to these new federal restrictions can be seen today with the “Restricted Law Enforcement / Government Use Only 10-94” marking on many of their magazines.

Name That Marking – HK’s “178” Barrels

Posted by GSC on 8/9/2019 to Parts Identification
One of the top reasons we love collecting HK firearms so much is the uniquely Teutonic attention to detail that HK inserts into virtually all aspects of their products. Their special attention to detail is exemplified through the diverse array of markings that they add to their parts to denote things such as the parts' unique traits or the date and location of their manufacture.

Unfortunately, HK doesn’t provide the public with a decoder ring for clarifying the meanings behind all of their markings, so we’re now beginning an ongoing series on the GSC blog titled “Name That Marking” to help you identify the history of the parts on your favorite guns (or your future favorite guns).

We will launch this series by exploring HK’s “178” barrels...

The Department of Defense's Black Budget in Action

Posted by GSC on 8/8/2019 to Humor
Where your tax dollars go first...

Welcome to the Gatewood Supply Company Blog!

Posted by GSC on 8/7/2019 to General
Here at Gatewood Supply Company we realize how important it is to be actively engaged with our customers and the firearm enthusiast community at large. Therefore, we have decided to launch a blog on our site so we can start highlighting and discussing the things that not only interest us but also interest those who have helped to make us a strong and successful company.

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