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Romanian RPK - An Eastern Bloc Squad Automatic Weapon with a Twist

Posted by GSC on 10/12/2020 to Parts Identification

A carrying handle and adjustable bipod on an Eastern Bloc squad automatic weapon? Your eyes aren't deceiving you, you're just looking at a Romanian RPK. This stellar rifle took the standard RPK formula and tackled a few of the platform's most notable deficiencies with some small yet substantial adjustments that ultimately make this one of the best RPKs you may encounter. Watch this blog post's video on the history of the Romanian RPK to learn more about why this rifle is worth a second glance...

Better Understanding the Yugoslavian M70 Series of Rifles

Posted by GSC on 9/18/2020 to Parts Identification

At a time when Gatewood Supply is starting to add more AK parts to our inventory, we've realized how important it is for us to highlight the history of Zastava's M70 series of rifles so our customers can better understand the history of the items they may be purchasing from us.

The M70 series is one of the best AK product lines you will ever find, but the idiosyncrasies of Yugoslavian AK design, particularly when compared to other former Eastern Bloc countries' AK designs, warrants us highlighting the things that make M70s so different and special. In the following video created by one of today's most popular Youtube firearm's enthusiasts, Mishaco, an entire array of M70 rifles is explored in one glorious sitting...   

US Army Survival Training - Part 3

Posted by GSC on 8/25/2020 to General

In the final part of our US Army survival training program series we learn how to locate food and stay nourished when times are tough...

US Army Survival Training - Part 2

Posted by GSC on 8/21/2020 to General

In the second part of our series focusing on the US Army's survival training program you'll learn more about the key elements of surviving in the wild with fieldcraft... and possibly the streets of Portland as well.

US Army Survival Training - Part 1

Posted by GSC on 8/8/2020 to General

"Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape" is a training program that prepares United States military personnel for survival in a variety of challenging scenarios. With the growing violence and instability appearing across the American landscape, it is important for everyone to refresh their basic survival skills and become more self reliant. To help you get a start on that task, we would like introduce a video series highlighting the US Army's survival training program...
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