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Happy Holidays to All

Posted by GSC on 12/11/2022 to General

Vote to Protect Your Rights on November 8

Posted by GSC on 11/6/2022 to General

GSC wants to remind you to exercise your civic duty of voting in the General Election on November 8, 2022 and contribute to the preservation of American traditions and values by having your voice heard through the ballot box. 

MR762: A Top-Shelf Heavy Hitter Worth Your Time

Posted by GSC on 10/22/2022 to General

A common question that we've heard emerge in the context of the HK MR762 is "Is it worth it?" Our unequivocal answer is "
Yes!" Yes, the MR762 is heavy. Yes, the MR762 has many proprietary parts. Yes, the MR762 can be costly to purchase. Yes, you should buy one. The performance of the HK MR762 is so stellar that we are very confident anyone who ultimately takes the plunge and buys one will be very pleased with their decision. To help you learn more about the virtues of the HK MR762 we would like to share an informative video from one of Youtube's most prominent and fair product reviewers, Nutnfancy... 

What's the Difference: HK416 and MR556

Posted by GSC on 9/11/2022 to Parts Identification

GSC stocks a lot of interchangeable parts from HK's diverse product lines, including the venerable HK416 and MR556 rifles. Because we receive many questions asking what the commonalities are in these closely-related rifles' components, we have decided to share an informative video made by the tactical guru Larry Vickers to help shed more light on the similarities and differences of these two firearms...  

What Happens to the Big Boys' Surplus Parts When They're Recirculated?

Posted by GSC on 8/21/2022 to General

While GSC prides itself in locating, restoring, and marketing only the best surplus firearms parts and accessories for its customers here in America, we are truly only a small fish in a big pond of surplus merchandisers globally. One only has to take a brief look at the current conflict in Ukraine to see some of the next level surplus equipment the big boys are dealing in. Needless to say, the big boys are going above and beyond recirculating things like springs and screws...      
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