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Fighting Inflation with Collectibles

Posted by GSC on 6/15/2022 to General

A collectible is an item that is worth far more than it was originally sold for because of its rarity or popular demand. Some of the most common categories of collectibles are toys, coins, books, antiques, and art. Another key category of collectible that has emerged in recent years has been firearms-related items, such as gun parts and memorabilia. With inflation running rampant month-over-month throughout the United States and rapid currency devaluation hitting everyone's pocketbook harder each day, we would like to remind our customers that there are unique ways to fight inflation with valuable items sold by GSC...

The Virtues of Salvaged Parts

Posted by GSC on 5/28/2022 to General
Salvaged parts are parts that have been damaged to some degree and are often deemed by people to have limited value because of the investment of resources needed to fix or use them. At GSC we firmly believe that all parts have great value, even if some of that great value is obscured initially because of issues like superficial or structural damage. Due to the hidden value contained in many salvaged parts, we want to remind our customers of the advantages that come with them...

HK Promotional Materials - The Best Beach Reads of 2022

Posted by GSC on 4/22/2022 to Parts Identification
HK Product Catalog

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to start preparing for those warm, relaxing days where soaking up the sun with a good beach read is at the top of your to do list. Now, picture blending that relaxing activity with your interest in HK and you will find yourself achieving a new level of joy. How do you achieve this you ask? The answer is simple: exploring HK promotional materials!  

Your Monthly White Pill - The People's Convoy

Posted by GSC on 3/2/2022 to General

Even in tough times there is always hope for a better future, so at GSC we want to highlight the brave people who are involved with The People's Convoy. 

Our nation remains strong due to the efforts of the countless folks who support freedom and the Constitution, so whether you wish to show your support via honks, donations, or driving your big rig to DC, we recommend that all Americans promote and aid The People's Convoy to help maintain America's greatness. 

You can access The People's Convoy website at     

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