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Demystifying HK Parts - OEM Versus Contract Manufacturing - A Case Study with Fixed Stocks

Posted by GSC on 2/17/2020 to Parts Identification
One question we often get at Gatewood Supply is "So what's the difference between this factory HK part and that contract part?" While every manufacturer and part is different, there are some trends that often hold true when comparing certain OEM and contract manfucatured part types, such as HK-style fixed stocks. To help our customers see how these differences might appear when they're shopping for a new part, we would like to compare and contrast how MP5A2 fixed stocks often look and feel when they're OEM versus contract manufactured...

Reîncarca!: The Post-Cold War Romanian AKs Most Commonly Found in the Hands of American Civilians

Posted by GSC on 2/6/2020 to Parts Identification

ROMARM, Cugir, SAR, WUM, WASR, and more. All of these names and acronyms you might have seen or heard over the last three decades are used in association with civilian-oriented AKs that have departed Romania to find new owners on the shores of the United States. To help you distinguish these firearms from the military surplus weapons that have been appearing more frequently in the United States in recent years, we would like to provide you with a list of the most commonly encountered civilian Romanian AK variants from the 1990s onward...

Foc!: A Brief Intro to the Cold War Era Romanian AKs Appearing in America

Posted by GSC on 1/10/2020 to Parts Identification
Romania Coldwar

We live in a unique age where there are more varieties of military surplus Romanian AKs entering the American market than any comparable former Warsaw Pact nation. To help our readers identify the subtle differences of these weapons, we would like to highlight the Cold War era models you are most likely to encounter if you are on the hunt for a Romanian AK variant to call your own...

Vendor Spotlight - Beltfed Precision Products

Posted by GSC on 12/11/2019 to Industry Updates

For when you're ready to complete that beltfed build, look no further...

Customer Feedback Survey Winners

Posted by GSC on 11/30/2019 to General

GSC has finally concluded its month-long collection of customer feedback and would like to thank everyone who participated in this very important initiative. With your invaluable input we will now be able to improve and grow in the ways that matter the most to you in 2020 and beyond. To encourage participation in this process, we notified all survey recipients that three respondents would be randomly chosen for prizes...

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