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Vendor Spotlight - Beltfed Precision Products

Posted by GSC on 12/11/2019 to Industry Updates
Gatewood Supply Company is proud to stock items manufactured by Beltfed Precision Products as they have developed top-of-the-line components for many years now. Also, they offer many gunsmithing services for those who want to build or update numerous types of HK-style weapons.

Beltfed Precision Products can help you on a wide variety of projects ranging from HK11, HK21, and HK23 clones to semi-auto M249s and M60s. If you are looking for the parts needed to pursue these kinds of projects you can find them throughout our online store and then contact Beltfed Precision Products to have everything assembled to complete your build. 

To see some examples of the first-rate firearms and parts they have produced, visit Beltfed Precision Products' website at

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