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GSC State of the Union 2021

Posted by GSC on 9/8/2021 to Insider Updates
Due to a recent unexpected technical issue that forced us to close our website for maintenance, and the outpouring of questions and support that emerged quickly afterwards, we found it important to provide a brief GSC State of the Union update via our blog. 

We want everyone who visits our online store to know what forced our temporary store closure, and we also want to assure all of our site's visitors that we're fully operational again and we plan on staying that way for a long time:

  • Two weeks ago, the GSC website suddenly became inaccessible to everyone, including us, because all major web browsers simultaneously labeled our site as a security risk. This labelling of the website occurred spontaneously and did not occur as a result of any newly discovered harms, data breaches, or vulnerabilities.
  • Our website was suddenly made unusable at this point because, even when choosing to accept the risk of accessing the site via various web browsers, this security risk labelling established by the web browsers somehow caused several key elements of our site to stop functioning entirely. 
  • After unsuccessfully working with our ecommerce and web domain hosts on trying to find quick solutions to this issue, we were ultimately directed towards the purchase of an EV SSL certificate, which provides the highest level of proof of security and trust for a site like ours.
  • After two weeks of collaborating with the ecommerce and web domain hosts, our new SSL certificate authority, and the other parties who had to vouch for us as part of the EV SSL certificate approval process, our site was finally fully updated and reopened.
  • Our store is alive and well, and we are poised to restock it with a large array of items soon!  
We want to thank everyone again for being so supportive over the last two weeks and we are excited to continue to provide you with the best parts we can get our hands on!

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