HK MP5 Barrel / Trunnion - 9mm
German HK 9mm MP5 Barrel Front End - Used

HK MP5 Barrel / Trunnion - 9mm

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Part Number:30
  • Heckler and Koch:
  • 9mm
  • 8.9" Barrel
  • ALL NFA RULES APPLY:Barrel Under 16"

HK MP5 Factory Tri-Lug Barrel Trunnion - 9mm

This listing is for a factory German original Heckler & Koch HK MP5 in 9mm, front end with a factory HK tri-lug barrel.  

The H&K front end is from a demilled police department trade-in parts kit and includes a trunnion, front sight blade, dust cap, sight tower, and barrel. The barrel has German HK proof marks.

Because this barrel has an integrated tri-lug muzzle, users can use a variety of devices with it, including flash hiders and suppressors designed for quick-detach mounting. 

Limited availability, so order yours now!

Condition: Used - Good to Very Good

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All NFA Rules Apply

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