HK MP5-40 Barrel / Trunnion - .40 - Nicked Trunnion
German HK MP5-40 Barrel .40 S&W With Trunnion

HK MP5-40 Barrel / Trunnion - .40 - Nicked Trunnion

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(1)  Factory German HK MP5-40 Complete front end with factory H&K threaded barrel with 14 X.75 pitch and tri-lug mount .  Front end from demilled police dept trade in parts kit includes front sight-blade, dust Cap, sight tower, thread protector, trunnion with Bullet guides, and of course a good to very good used barrel. *Note - This is for a unit that had the trunnion nicked during demil, cut into it, as shown.  Multiple available like this, and depth varies, but most all would not be visible when in a receiver, and if any repairs needed, which appear usable as-is, would not be visible.

This is perfect for re-barrelling an Heckler and Koch MP5/40 or as the core of a build.  Barrel has German H&K proof marks and is renowned for quality.   Why settle for a new US clone part or 3rd world contract part when you can get a real German barrel.  Because this barrel has an integrated tri-lug barrel and threaded muzzle, users can use a variety of options on muzzle devices including flash hiders and suppressors for fast Quick-Attach/Detach mounting or threaded muzzle device.  Limited availability!  Stock Photo.  Because the barrel is under 16", ALL NFA RULES APPLY.

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